Tegra Business Unit


Tegra is a developer that operates in São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, and Niterói, with a focus on medium and high standard construction. We have 43 years of history and over 25 million square meters built and under construction, more than 102 thousand developed properties, 86 thousand clients and 70 awards won.


What makes us unique?

To us, each client is unique, special. From the inside, this is what makes each project thought and developed for those who are going to live or work on it.

We redefine the way of living. And this only happens because we make everything exclusive: enterprises, people, and moments.

What makes our enterprises unique

We have a clear purpose: build enterprises with a soul so that people can live better.

Our enterprises have a story, and they inspire and attract the people around them. They are well thought out and built with passion, commitment, dedication, and energy.

Foto do Curitiba 381

Photo of Curitiba 381

Foto do Gabell Jardins

Photo of Gabell Jardins

Foto do Gramercy Park

Photo of Gramercy Park

Foto do Pin Home Design

Photo of Pin Home Design