Governance Structure

Tegra’s Governance structure is composed of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

The Board of Directors has as its main responsibilities the monitoring of governance practices and business guidelines, the preservation of the Company’s assets, and the Executive Board’s guidance to maximize the Return on shareholders’ investments.

All members of Tegra’s Board of Directors, Executive Board and Board Advisory Committees, employees and other Tegra collaborators (all collectively defined in the code of conduct as “Collaborators”) are required to reaffirm their commitment to the code annually through proper certification.


Our business is boutique in scale, each development has a soul.


Building real estate projects with soul so that people can live better.

For our belief and purpose to be fulfilled, we need to:

  • Ensure the efficient running of operations.
  • Ensure the current and future result.
  • Identify, develop, and engage people.
  • Build business and relationships with integrity.
  • Identify and enable opportunities to create developments with soul.
  • Develop, materialize, sell, and deliver developments with soul.
Management Principles

Reputation: Build business and relationships with integrity. We do what we say.

Excellence: You can always do better and differently.

Long-term vision: Always win without jeopardizing the long-term result.

Meritocracy: Valuing, respecting and developing committed people who generate results.

Efficiency: We are obstinate for punctuality, cost reduction and security.

Customer endorsement: We want every customer to be an advocate for our brand.

Quality: High quality = adequate quality.

Sales guidance: The sale is our Company’s reason to exist.


Integrity: To be ethical, invulnerable and truthful.

Long-term vision focused on results: Thinking ahead and making it happen, mobilizing people in search of continuous and sustainable results in the long term. It means looking after the future of the Company.

Passion and commitment to the work: Demonstrate positive attitude and commitment, acting with soul and passion, fostering an environment of excellence, efficiency, and pride of belonging.

Obstinate for efficiency: It means being relentless in the search for optimization of resources. It means being agile and assertive to communicate and perform, minimizing errors, costs, and risks, always delivering on time and with the appropriate quality.

Play together: Create a unique environment of integration, transparency, and genuine collaboration.

Seek for learning: Actively seek self-development, as well as the evolution of others, creating an environment of continuous learning and progress.

Resilience and flexibility: Be persistent and able to adapt to different situations.

Leadership: Deliver, make it happen, engage and develop high performance people and teams in pursuit of the Company’s results.

Learn more: Learn more about Tegra’s beliefs, purpose, management principles and competencies in the book “Tegra Culture and Attitude”.