Urban Kindness

Tegra understands that local development is an integral part of the legacy for which it is responsible. Thus, it carries out several actions that impact the communities where it operates.

One of these actions is the Urban Kindness project, which received an investment of approximately R$2.125 million in 2023.

The project, which goes beyond the mandatory licensing considerations for projects, aims to revitalize and manage public spaces, including squares, a walkway and public parks, and is implemented in the city of São Paulo.

To this end, the Company maps the neighborhoods of the projects it intends to build in order to understand which areas would be interesting for us to adopt, considering the opportunities to bring improvements to the region and offer more comfort and well-being for the residents and neighbors of our projects.

In 2023, for example, Tegra adopted a section of the median strip on Av. Nazaré, close to the YPY Alto do Ipiranga project launched this year. In addition, it continued to adopt and maintain 26 other areas.

Some examples of adoptions carried out by Tegra:






Another highlight is the construction project for the first “Garden-Road” in São Paulo, which will be implemented on Rua Fortunato Ferraz, close to the Caminhos da Lapa residential complex, designed by us. The road will be approximately 1,200 meters long, and will feature a linear park, space for cycle paths, landscaping, a children’s playground and fitness equipment, all open to the public.