Sustainability Report

Creating enterprises with a soul, for us, is going beyond our business.

Our Sustainability Report gives visibility to the management of our other capitals — environmental, social, cultural, and relationship, in an integrated manner. And, more importantly, it expands our commitment to transparency in the relationship with those who matter most to us — people.

Tegra has structured sustainability strategies and practices in the form of a policy, a guiding document of the purpose of always developing, building and delivering to people more modern and intelligent, resilient, efficient in the use of energy and living spaces. adapted to climate change, through the adoption of socially and environmentally responsible practices.

All the launched enterprises follow, from the conception and project stage, 33 sustainable constructive premises. For our teams, sustainability is present in 18 annual performance goals, with clear indicators that serve as a drive for efforts.

Click here to access the 2020 annual report*.

Click here to access the 2019 annual report*.

*Only portuguese available